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Mallorca is a paradise for cycling enthusiasts. It is almost impossible to find a more beautiful and varied cycling area. You will find everything from flat roads, to challenging mountains. Cycling in Mallorca is like dining in a Michelin restaurant;  only the best is on the menu.

We have more than 15 different routes from which to choose. The rides listed here are the “long” day trips.  We also offer shorter rides.  All rides are guided. Sometimes, depending on the weather, or other circumstances, we change the ride, or switch the days that we ride the different routes.  All our rides are non-competitive.

We recommend that you arrive on Saturday or Sunday to get the full benefit of your cycling week.


There is a welcome ride every Sunday afternoon at 2pm, for newly arrived guests.

We have two introduction rides on Sunday; one is long, one is short.  The long ride is for those who have never ridden in the mountains before and would like some preliminary, personal guidance. The short ride is for those who just want to check their bike and their condition.

Welcome Ride:  Sant Elm

  • Distances: 35 km & 75 km
  • Elevation:  900 meters
  • Information: This ride takes the long route to Saint Elm at 9:30am. It is a beautiful ride, with a very nice coffee stop. The ride has 1400 meters of elevation. There will not be a support car on this day.


  • Distance: 65 km
  • Elevation: 1400 meters
  • Information: This ride takes us through several small, beautiful villages to a magnificent view from the top of Galliea church. Then we will have a delicious lunch at the town square in Espoles. We will meet the support car once.

Port de Sóller

  • Distance:   115 km.
  • Elevation: 1620 meters.
  • Information: We ride through Valldemossa, Daiá, Port de Sóller, & Fonalutx.  This is the most beautiful ride of the week.  It is indescribable experience. We have lunch in Port de Sóller. Challenge yourself to climb all 30 of the Col de Sóller. There is also a 76km ride. We meet the support car twice.

Santa Magdalena (Inca)

  • Distance: 146 km.
  • Elevation: 1440 meters.
  • Information: We will follow very small, almost flat roads, with vineyards and olive trees and do two or three mountain climbs.  You can choose not to do the climbs. We will have lunch in the town of Sineu. We will visit the velodrome. The short ride, this day is 110km with one mountain climb. We will have lunch at the top of Santa Magdalena.  We meet the support car once.

Puig Mayor

  • Distance: 165 km.
  • Elevation: 2800 meters.
  • Information:This ride is the highlight of the week. It takes you to the top of Puig Mayor, Mallorca’s highest point, with the opportunity to climb Mallorca’s hardest mountain, Sa Calobra (10 km & 7.4% average). The support car will be parked at the top, ready to help you before and after the Sa Calobra climb. This ride is going to be unforgettable. Guaranteed.  We will also offer a shorter ride.

Coastal Tour

  • Distance: 81 km.
  • Elevation: 1380 meters.
  • Information: This is a truly great ride. You will see Mallorca from its most beautiful side. We ride along the north coast, with one “Kodak moment” after another. This tour is a must.  We will have lunch in Andratx, and meet the support car twice.



  • Distance: 81 km.
  • Elevation: 1230 meters.
  • Information: We head north to the unspoiled village of Bunyola, where the climb towards Orient begins. It’s a nice quiet road, with no traffic, and lots of cyclists. We think the ride to Orient will be your favorite ride on the island of Mallorca. We’ll  meet the support car once.

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Stay with us as long as you like

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