Change levels from day to day, depending on how your legs feel.



When you sign up for our guided tours, you can choose from four different levels each day. You can switch levels from day to day. We want you to have the best cycling experience ever. After you arrive, unpack and assemble your bike, you are welcome to join us on our Saturday or Sunday welcome ride.

Every evening at 6pm, there will be a detailed briefing at the hotel, at which time we will go through the next day’s ride. We will always have at least one Captain per group, depending on the size of the group.

The Captain’s job is to lead the way,  make sure the day goes as smoothly, and be encouraging and helpful to all the riders. It‘s important to us that you feel safe on our rides at all times. We never leave a rider unattended.

Group  1 Cyclist:

  • You are an elite experienced cyclist
  • You average 80 to 100 kilometers per day
  • Cycling is an important part of your life
  • You love to ride and do it all the time
  • You train as much as possible and are moderately competitive

Group  2 Cyclist:

  • You ride every day
  • You are an experienced cyclist
  • You average 50 kilometers per day
  • You enjoy a long ride on the weekend
  • You love to participate in cycing events

Group  3 Cyclist:

  • You ride regularly
  • You average 100 kilometers per week
  • You commute to and from work
  • You enjoy a long ride on the weekend
  • You sometimes participate in cycling events.

Group  4 Cyclist:

  • You are a leisure cyclist
  • You ride once or twice a week or just on weekends
  • You average under 50 km per week
  • You are in good basic shape and love a challenge
  • You take spin classes, and you like to get out on the bike when the weather is nice

Important Information.

We’ll divide our riders into four different groups. One group will surely fit you. We organize each  group according to the actual participants on each day. Some days, we may put an extra climb on the program, and on other days, we may ride a shorter distance, depending on what the group wants to do.  You can switch groups from day to day, depending on how you feel.

We’ll  eat lunch every day, at one of the many good cafés around the island. Our guides know all the good places – so, stick with your guide.  We always carry a phone, to call the support car, if a rider needs help.

We have a detailed briefing before dinner, every evening, at the hotel.  We talk about the next day’s route and it’s challenges.  If you want more details, just ask.

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