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Come to the cycling papadise of Mallorca

 Bike Tours Mallorca

Bike Tours Mallorca specializes in cycling travel exclusively on the island of Mallorca, Spain.

We provide a comfortable, non-competitive atmosphere, scenic bike rides, and professional support, in this bike-friendly location.

We have 8 to 10 guides available to our riders every day.

We will make your cycling vacation comfortable, inspiring and beautiful, so you will want to come back again.

Stig Lundgaard


Stig, who owns and operates Bike Tours Mallorca with his wife Trine, has lived on the island for several years and has over 20 years of experience of cycling in Mallorca. Stig’s cycling resumé includes twenty-six 1200 km randonnées, including  Paris-Brest-Paris (P-B-P) six times, and Boston-Montreal-Boston (B-M-B)  five times. Stig has also completed many classic long-distance cycling events in Europe and in the United States,  including the Furnace Creek 508 in California  and The Death Ride, in California.

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