Brevét rides

Welcome to Brevét on Mallorca.

What is a Brevét ?

Brevéts are non-competitive, long-distance bicycle rides, held in distances from 200 km to 2000 km. You do not have to be a member of a randonneur organization to participate in a brevet on Mallorca.

Audax Randonneurs Denmark  (ARD)  is a Danish randonneur organization, which is part of the Audax Club Parisien (ACP), the worldwide cycling organization, based in France, which administers and certifies long-distance, non-competitive cycling events.

Our brevéts are conducted as a series of rides, consisting of a 200 km, 300 km, 400 km and a 600 km. These rides normally take place over a two-month period. But, at Bike Tours Mallorca, we schedule all the brevéts in one week.  Mallorca is one of the only places in Europe to do so. So, if you want to be part of an international cycling week, this is the place to be.

You will have to ride a prespecified route. Before starting, you will be given a brevét card, which must be stamped along the way, at gas stations or restaurants, with the date and time, so that at the end of the ride, you have proof that you followed the correct route, and did the entire ride.

You can get more info on rules on this website:


Tips and rules


Before you start, your bike must pass bike inspection,  to make sure your bicycle, lights, shifters and brakes are all functioning properly.

Lights:  Your bike MUST be equipped with two powerful front white lights, and two red rear lights, for the 300 km, 400 km and 600 km brevéts.  Some roads are bumpy, so be sure your lights are firmly attached to your bike.  It is VERY dark on Mallorca at night. Your bike will be checked before the start.  A light on your helmet does NOT count as a light/headlight.

Reflective Gear:  You MUST show a reflective vest at the start of the 300 km, 400 km and 600 km brevets. Reflective ankle bands are recommended.

Helmet :  A helmet is required at all times while riding. You MUST always wear a helmet on our rides.  No exceptions.

General Rules:

  • Everything on your bike must be carefully tested before starting the ride, to make sure that your bike and all your gear can go the distance. This is VERY important in order for you to complete each day’s ride without mechanical or mental issues.
  • We recommend that you do not ride alone at night. By riding in a group, you minimize the risk of getting lost or falling asleep on the bike.
  • No Brevét cards will be issued to anyone who does not comply with any of the above safety requirements. No exceptions will be made.

During the ride:

These are long rides. In order to complete all the brevéts, you have to take good care of yourself.

Start out  at a comfortable pace.  Have a reasonable plan.  BE CAREFUL!  The routes ares NOT marked.

You must always carry the route sheet with you. We recommend using GPS, and bring a map of Mallorca, on which you have the route marked. Your GPS may fail, break down or run out of power.

Always carry your medical insurance card and your mobile phone with you on the ride. It is possible to fall asleep on the bike. If you can’t stay awake, stop and rest for a few minutes. If necessary, set an alarm. It’s  much better to have a safe ride, than a fast time.

Most places on Mallorca close after 9:00 pm. Buy what you will need for the night, ahead of time.

Make sure the first thing you do, upon arriving at a control, is get your control card stamped. When you’re tired, you can easily forget to get the card stamped. Your brevét will NOT be approved if a stamp is missing.

If the sun is shining, the daytime temperature can reach 26-28°C ( 78-82°F ).  Normal daytime temperature is about 18-23°C (64-73°F).  It can get cool at night 12-15°C ( 53-59°F ).  It rarely rains in Mallorca.

Brevét rules:

  • You must have lights attached to your bike for the 300 km, 400 km and 600 km brevets. Two powerful white headlights and two red taillights are required. (Flashing lights are prohibited)
  • You must present your reflective vest before the start of the 300 km, 400 km and 600 km brevets. Reflective ankle bands are recommended.
  • You must always wear a helmet when cycling.
  • Your brevet card will not be issued if any of the above safety requirements are not met No exceptions.

Recommended items to bring:

  • Two large water bottles
  • Tube Repair kit
  • Map of Mallorca
  • Toilet paper
  • Handlebar bag or saddle bag



We offer help with hotel accommodation. The price of accommodation is 145 € per day, with half board, included full Brevét week fee. Remember, you can always join a brevet without booking your hotel through Bike Tour Mallorca.

Do you want us to help you with your accommodations, please book this together with your brevets.

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The brevét routes on Mallorca are all in the southern part of Mallorca. There are no long climbs on the routes. But, there are a a lot of rollers. You will encounter about 1000 meters of elevation per 100 km.

We use the same routes for our brevéts, to make navigation as easy as possible. Our 300 km is our 200 km with an extra loop of 100 km. The 600 km is the  400 km plus another 200 km. You will come back to start  hotel  after the completing the first 400 kilometers.


Dates and Prices:

We have a field limit of 50 riders on our Mallorca brevets. The spots are distributed on a first-come/first served  basis. There will be a waiting list if there are more than 50 entries.

Registration deadline is April 28, 2019. Register at:

All brevet entry fees are non-profit. The entry fee covers only the expenses associated with the brevets.

Brevét Dates Start time Time limits Prices
200 km. May  6th  2019 07:00 am. 13,5 Hours 55 €.
300 km. May  7th  2019 07:00 am. 20    Hours 60 €.
400 km. May  8th  2019 07:00 am. 27    Hours 65 €.
600 km. May 10th  2019 07:00 am. 40    Hours 65 €.

Discount for all 4 brevéts: 200 €


Do you want us to make your hotel accommodations with half board, you can book this together with your brevet registration. Room rate: 145 € per night, included full Brevet week.

Once you have registered, we will send you information about the payment for your brevét.

The Brevét Camp Registration Fee includes:

  • Your daily cycling ride.
  • Your brevet card.
  • Your brevet medal.
  • Your brevet certification.
  • Service on the route at least once per brevet.
  • Support car service in case of emergency.
  • Meals: Dinner on the 300  km, 400 km and 600 km.

Start Location & Address:

Hotel Be Live Costa Palma
C/Guillen Diaz Playa 2
07015, Palma.
Palma de Mallorca, Spain.


Participant lists and results

First nameLast nameCountry200km300km400km600km

















Should I have lights on my bike, if I only ride in daylight?
Yes, you MUST have permanently light (2 pcs) on your bike of 300 km 400 km 600 km. In the case of unforeseen accident on the bike, you should be able to ride in the dark.

Will there be bike inspection before the start of a Brevet?
Yes, all the bicycles must be checked, brakes and light and loose parts will be checked. We reserve the right not to disclose the brevet starting cards if your bike does not go through bike check.

May I have my own service van with me?
Yes, it is allowed to have service a van, but it may ONLY be used by official control + / – 1 km. If help is granted outside of the controls, it will give time penalty and by repeatedly disqualification.

What kind of help can I expect?
We will do everything we can, so you can get finish your brevet. We have tools and spare wheels available, but you have to make sure, that your bike is in perfect condition before the start. You will get service at least once on the route at each brevet. There will be hot meals after the finish of 300 km, 400 km and 600 km.

Where should I stay in Mallorca?
It would be an advantage to stay close to the start. (In Cala Mayor). We can help you book the hotel, so you can buy the whole package through us. You are also welcome to find a hotel on your own.

Do I have to qualify for a brevet week?
No, but it is an advantage that you have some experience with brevets, but it is not a necessity.

May I stamp a different place, than what it says on the control board?
Basically, you should stamp on the prescribed place. If you have been on the specified control position, and it was not possible to label that, for example, because you came after the shop is closed, you need to find another suitable place, to stamp your board nearby.
If the control board is not specified with a specific location as the control place, but only a city or place name, you can choose where in the city or place you will stamp.
Finally, you can find an ATM, a gasoline dispenser or similar and get a receipt stating the time and place. On the control board, you write that you have a receipt and handed in with the control board when you get to the finish. You can often get a ticket by sticking your social security card or other cards with magnetic stripes into the machine. Finally, you can take a picture of the check and send it to the subsequent organizer.

What if I can’t complete a brevet,  and must be deleted?
Then we will come and pick you up on the route. You must always have your mobile phone with you. We will come as soon as possible, perhaps there can be long wait, so do not expect a quick return to the beginning/start. (Cala Mayor).